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1. Who are the Prospect University Sports, Inc affiliated with?
The organization  are part of the AYF  league.  It is a nationally recognized youth football and cheer organization with conferences throughout the United States.

2. What version of American Football does Prospect play?
Tackle. Safety is a top priority within the organization and participants are taught the proper way to tackle an opponent. See our football section for more information.

3. Is this a traveling organization?
Yes . All participants are required to travel to half of our scheduled Games, Playoffs & Championship games. Many of our teams compete at a national level. In the event that teams win the State Championship, they are required to attend the AYF National Super bowl Championship in Orlando, FL the first week of December.

However, Based on specific age groups will have the opportunity to partner with a city league to have options for inner-city games.

4. How far away are the teams?
Travel times can range from 1hr 30 minutes to about two hours (max).  ( Optional inner-city games)


5. Does my child need to try out to be on the team?
No. Anyone interested in joining is able to participate. Solidify your spot early. Our teams have a limited number of available spots and once they are filled, remaining participants will be placed on a waiting list.


6. What age does my child need to be to participate?
A child must be Five (5) years of age on or before July 31 of the current season through 8th grade / 14 years of age. 


7.When does registration begin?
The registration process begins on January 1st. Early registration discounts are provided to participants who pay in full on or before the first registration date. Please see our registration page for more information. 


8. What is the registration fee?

 The registration fee for Spring and Fall is determine by league cost so is subjected to change annually.   

Uniforms & Equipment are retained by athletes at the completion of the season.  (Practice Jersey, Integrated Pants, Helmet Decal, shoulder pads.  Multiple children and If a player has their own equipment, discounts are available as well as a payment plan option and grant options. 


9. Is volunteering required?
Yes. Our organization is operated fully by volunteers that have a desire to provide for the youth in their community. In order to continue with the success of the program, participating families are required to provide no more than four (4) hours of service per child. 


10. When does the season begin?
The first day of practice is mid to end of July. The first game is at the end of August. 


11. Where is the practice?
During the summer months, all practices are held at varies Milwaukee public parks . The park is located at 7301 West Courtland Ave.

12. What is the practice schedule like?
During the summer, practice is held Tuesday - Thursday from 5:30 - 7:30 PM. Once school begins, practice changes to two (2) days a week. This changes during play-off and competition preparations. Changes to the schedule will be announced on an as-needed basis by the team's coaching staff. 

13. Where are home games played?
Home teams will be played at Hart Park- 7300 W. chestnut street Wauwatosa, WI 53213 ( Inner-city games - Lincoln Park (1301 w. Hampton Ave

 14.What teams do the Prospect play against?
To see a full list of the teams in the conference, please visit the website for details. The season consists of eight (8) games  plus play-off games. On average half of the games are played at home. 

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