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Who We are

Our Mission Statement, Goals & Values are important for all of us!  Prospect University Sports, Inc Youth Football program will provide an opportunity for kids & families to learn the game of football; while having fun cheering our teams on to victory.

The mission of Prospect University Sports, Inc  (PUS) is to empower young people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to become successful in their communities. To provide an organized, educational football program for youth players ages 5-14 by building character, respect and having them realize their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders through education and sports.


We offer equal opportunity for our athletes to learn fundamental football skills including sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork. It is our responsibility to provide a competitive yet safe environment to foster our players' appreciation of the game and develop life skills that extend beyond the game of football.  

Our Goals:
1.    All players, both returning and new, will be afforded the same opportunities to practice, learn and enhance their football skills in a constructive and safe environment.
2.    Our players will develop mental and physical abilities through a commitment to structured practices.
3.    We will strive to serve as many children as possible and ensure that our athletes have fun whether winning or losing by creating an environment that is positive, honest and educational.
4.    PUS will seek to provide opportunities for our kids to positively expand their life experiences.
5.    PUS will give back to our communities and model fairness, service, and selflessness as values essential for our children to learn. 6.    We will commit to teaching our program as an extension of the varsity programs goals and teachings.

Our Values:
1.    Our primary focus is the welfare and enjoyment of our youth. Adult ambitions will be subordinate when determining what is in the best interest of our athletes.
2.    PUS, as an organization, is open to input from both parents and the community, and we welcome positive-minded volunteers to participate in coaching, meetings, events and activities.
3.    We believe in the consistent enforcement of stated rules for safety and fairness to all our players and will quickly and reasonably address all infractions to those rules.
4.    As an educational organization, we will strive to teach. Our volunteers must be committed to teaching skills that will impact our athletes' lives both on the field and off.
5.    We will demonstrate leadership both on and off the field and ensure that the success of our organization is started from within.

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